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Delicious fruits and berries you can grow indoors Posted On 22 September 2022

You do not need a large garden to develop green fingers


Few feelings quite match the thrill of growing your own fruits.

Whether you are looking to share them with your friends or family, or transform them into preserves, home-grown fruits just feel that little bit more special than their supermarket bought counterparts.

However, we do not all have lots of space in the garden to grow a variety of different fruits or berries.

Some of us may not even have an outdoor space at our accommodation.

So, we have collected together a bit of information about fruits and berries that you can grow indoors.




Strawberries are many people’s favourite fruit, due to their deliciously sweet taste and their versatility, in terms of what you can do with them.

Many mouth-watering desserts include strawberries, while jars of strawberry jam are very easy to make for yourself.

Strawberries can be grown inside, as they grow well on a windowsill, as long as they can get the brightness of the sun, but not directly.

Make sure you keep an eye on the soil so that it does not dry out completely, as it should always be slightly damp.




Another popular choice, which can be used for many, many different uses, are lemons.

Whether you would like lemon juice on your pancakes in the morning or a glass of fresh lemonade on a warm afternoon, you will need to start with some juicy lemons.

Lemons are another fruit which are very easy to grow inside.

If choosing to grow these over the upcoming autumn and winter, you will need to consider using a grow light, as lemon trees need around 12 hours of sunlight to grow properly.

Plant the tree in a clay, plastic or ceramic plant pot and add stones so the air can circulate throughout the container.


The soil should be able to drain well, however citrus plants, like lemons, can dry out when the weather turns cold, so make sure the soil can retain some moisture.

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