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Levelling up your kitchen lighting on a budget Posted On 23 November 2022

You do not have to spend thousands to make improvements


The kitchen is arguably the centre point of the whole home, so ensuring this space is decorated can make a huge impact when entertaining.

One factor that can completely transform a room is the lighting.

By changing the lighting, you can completely flip the atmosphere of a space, causing it to become warmer and more welcoming.

Luckily, there are a number of options for lighting which you could introduce into your kitchen.

Many of these solutions are actually far more affordable than you may think, therefore are appropriate for those feeling the pinch at the moment.


Plinth lights


Plinth lights are a fantastic way of introducing light into your kitchen and are commonly an overlooked feature of kitchen lighting.

These are soft and unobstructive lights which are placed on the base of kitchen cupboards.

Plinth lights can be used to add a bright accent to an area of the room, such as building up a border around an island in the centre of the kitchen to give the impression that the furnishings are actually floating.


Under counter lights


Like the plinth lighting, placing strips of lights or spot lights under your counter can truly transform a space, by adding definition to an otherwise dark corner of the room.

Under counter lighting can also have a practical use, as it will improve visibility for your food preparation on the countertop.

Stripping lighting and spotlights can be purchased relatively cheaply and are very simple to install underneath your counters.


Smart colour changing bulbs


The lighting marketplace is flooded with smart light bulbs right now which can offer a changing look to your room.

These lights can not only be switched on and off using home assistant devices, such as an Amazon Echo or Google Home, but can also be altered using your phone to display different colours or shades.

Simply making adjustments to the gradient of your lights can cause a real impact on the ambience of the room.

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